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Discover the Power of Slack Workflow Builder + Chatgenie

Matthew Linn on 20/03/02

On 🎫 Context and Collaboration

We’re always thrilled to see the new ways our customers use Chatgenie to:

  1. Make their lives easier; or,
  2. Improve service levels for their customers.

When they tick both boxes at the same time, we feel compelled to share 😎.

With 250 staff delivering managed services across North America, Europe, and Asia, our customer faces complex operational challenges every day. Perhaps the biggest is helping resources assigned to large, multi-geo accounts stay on top of every service agreement change or software support renewal. In fact, it’s been near the very top of their service improvement wish list.

They were already practicing account-centered collaboration via dedicated channels in Slack; they needed to eliminate multi-platform research where possible, keep requests out of multi-time zone email purgatory, and capture all decisions or approvals in the ConnectWise Manage ticket.

In other words: Since most of the conversations and decisions around a ticketβ€”i.e., 🎫 contextβ€”take place in Slack, how can they ensure all data points are captured centrally?

Their answer? Slack workflow builder + Chatgenie.

Their team leads create custom Slack forms to help with task-based information collection. By attaching those responses to CG tickets in the account’s channel, they further enhance key 🎫 context; CG synchs all comms, including Slack form output, between both platforms. This way, stakeholders stay current with the status of those items right from their phones!

This customer is already saving a fortune in sunk cost by eliminating time waste. Here’s how you can, too:

Flow Template

  • WHEN a Ticket is created for XYZ Test Company;
  • AND, the Service Board is LIKE Agreements;
  • Post it in the #account-xyz-test public channel.

Tip: If the channel doesn’t already exist, you can create it from Chatgenie directly! Start typing a name in the channel field, and click the ‘create channel’ button.

Demonstrate Slack workflow builder and Chatgenie interaction
Slack allows you to kick your workflow off in a few ways; as shown above, for Agreement changes, we like the “money flying away” emoji reaction (since that’s what happens if you don’t handle them correctly!)


Slack gives you the ability to send notifications and form submissions to the CG ticket thread.Β  From there, CG updates the thread with questions and updates as the ticket moves through its lifecycle:

The updates pictured here originated from Slack workflow builder, the ConnectWise Manage ticket, and CG-driven status changes.


Try it out, and let us know what you think!

– Your friends at Chatgenie.