September Product Update: Summer Recap 😎 and New Features for Microsoft Teams 💪 - Chatgenie
Chatgenie Create Ticket feature

September Product Update: Summer Recap 😎 and New Features for Microsoft Teams 💪

Matthew Linn on 20/10/13

It’s been some time since our last product update post, but rest assured: our team has been hard at work all summer progressing the Chatgenie platform into a technology services game changer.

In summary, we:

  • Announced (and have nearly completed) the closed beta of omnichannel customer support functionality via Chatgenie Messenger 💬;
  • Completed an infrastructure migration, further increasing platform stability while dropping average Teams/Slack card update times from 15 seconds to 3 🕙; and (most excitingly),
  • Refactored our data model to facilitate ticket generation and real-time chat capabilities between the MSP’s Microsoft Teams tenant / Slack workspace and the Customer tenant / workspace 🤯.


Customer Workspace Ticket Creation
Customers will be able generate support requests from their Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Customer Ticket in MSP Workspace
And those tickets will render in the MSP workspace for assignment, action and chat-based communications.                                                                

Stay tuned to the blog next week for a dedicated post expanding on that last bullet – it’s a big enough evolution to warrant its own 📄.


September 2020 Update: New Microsoft Teams Enhancements

In addition to faster updates as referenced above, Teams subscribers will enjoy the following new features:

Search for tickets 🎫 by typing /chatgenie ticket # or Ticket # 

Chatgenie ticket search
Chatgenie then brings the matched ticket to the front of your chat queue for action.


Create tickets from anywhere by using the @Chatgenie create ticket command in Microsoft Teams


Create ticket button
Click on the Create Ticket button to render the ticket creation form.


Create ticket Microsoft Teams form
The form auto-completes and dynamically cascades filtering to simplify ticket entry.


Microsoft Teams Ticket Creation Confirm
Chatgenie confirms ticket creation success and number, and (based on your configured Flows) routes the ticket card to the proper channel for assignment and action.


If you’re hungry for product or roadmap updates between Update posts (or have a feature request), please stop by our Feedback page! Between major revisions we build exclusively based on customer needs, so please be sure to drop your ideas there (or upvote an existing request if someone beat you to it!).

– Your friends at Chatgenie