March Product Update: Microsoft Teams Enhancements πŸ’ͺ; Tickets and Time Entry Improvements βœ”; and MSP ❀ - Chatgenie

March Product Update: Microsoft Teams Enhancements πŸ’ͺ; Tickets and Time Entry Improvements βœ”; and MSP ❀

Matthew Linn on 20/04/06

CG ❀ MSP’s

This blog is coming to you (about a week late πŸ˜…) amidst some trying and complicated (COVID19-related #remoteworking) times.

As discussed on the webinar we did with partners Sierra Pacific Consulting, the team here at Chatgenie understands how important it is for your teams (and your customers’) to collaborate and function via ConnectWise Manage seamlessly when distributed despite the potential financial impact of this virus; as of last month, we took steps to temporarily increase the number of tickets and messages provisioned to customers on our Free plan. By doing so, more than 70% of our paid subscribers will be able to enjoy full Chatgenie functionality for free.Β If you’re a larger customer and could also use some assistance due to the novel coronavirus, please contact us at and we’ll do everything we can to help!

In the meantime, we hope that you and yours stay healthy and happy as we move forward, and encourage you to stay positiveβ€”leadership has outsize impact in times of adversity, and optimism is especially contagious. Courage πŸ‘Š.

To the Fun Stuff!

Last month’s paid product push has been put to immediate useβ€”we’re now releasing minor updates twice a week ⚑. As always, between major features/releases we build based solely on what you, our customers, ask for–please visit our roadmap to give us feedback and upvote features!Β  Here’s what to look out for in the latest:

Parity in Platforms; Microsoft Teams ⊜ Slack

At Chatgenie, we always strive for feature parity across major collaboration platforms; though one or the other may be more dev-friendly as it relates to certain functionality, we’ll figure out to get there.

That said, Microsoft Teams, our second major collaboration integration, is officially caught up to Slack. Teams subscribers: let us know what you think!

New chatgenie navigation sample front-end

Front-End Enhancements

CG admins may have noticed some UI changes in the latest build – Flow Templates are now standalone, and existing Flows can be copied from rather than starting from scratch!

Your Tickets, Our Command!

Based on your feedback, we’ve added the ability to change the Status of a Ticket directly from its card in addition to your one-on-one conversation with the bot. Simply click the Status Action (pictured below) and update to the status of your choosing!

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Ticket Card, collaboration, remote working

Now any resource with access to the ticket card can progress it via Chatgenie!

New and Improved Time Entries

Do your agreements differentiate between work performed on-site vs. remote or afterhours vs. business hours? Now users can ensure their time is entered correctly every time via Chatgenie 😎.

ConnectWise Manage Work Roles and Types
Users can now ensure that Time Entries are compliant by adjusting work roles and types directly from the Chatgenie card!


Stay tuned to the Chatgenie blog for more compelling content, including trends we’re seeing in #remoteworking.

Be well and be safe, all!